How could she have let that happen? Where is Jocelyn? Will she be returned safely? She could not have felt anything less than absolute panic and those minutes must have felt like agonizing hours.

The police arrived and the search began. In addition to officers and first responders, the entire neighborhood fanned out to try to locate the little girl. The community came together and was determined to find little Jocelyn and return her safely to her family. Among the search party were Temar Boggs and a friend. They ventured out on their bikes to assist with the search. That’s when they saw Jocelyn. As they rode past a maroon sedan, they looked in the window and the little girl was inside. The two boys jumped into action and followed the vehicle, refusing to let it and Jocelyn out of their sights. The driver realized he was being followed, and perhaps seeing an opportunity to escape, he let the little girl out of the car. She ran to Temar and asked for her Mommy.

These boys were certainly heroes that day. If it weren’t for them, the situation could have been much worse. The grateful hugs and words from Jocelyn’s family say absolutely everything.

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