The reception is also great opportunity for the bride and groom to show off some of their talents…

Such was the case for Roisin. The new bride happened to be quite skilled in the art of Irish step dancing!

For the uninitiated, Irish step dancing is a traditional form of Irish dancing that entails a quick and precise footwork while retaining a stiff upper body. Why a stiff upper body? The popular story is that people would usually use unhinged doors to create a makeshift dancing stage. With such a small stage, there was simply no room for any arm movement. Irish step dancing has evolved quite a bit throughout history, but it retains some very strict rules. Still, there is always room for some fun and innovation!

Roisin and her bridesmaids dressed up in some flashy green dresses and black tights, and gave guests an absolute incredible performance.

The ladies had spent a lot of time practicing for this performance and it showed. Their guests simply couldn’t take their eyes off of their fancy footwork. That is until the music suddenly cut out and someone else stepped onto the dance floor.

But who would dare interrupt the bride’s beautiful dancing performance?

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