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What is Short Term Health Insurance?

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Short Term Health Insurance is major medical insurance. Whether you need coverage during a transition or gap between insurance or if you are looking for a solution outside of Obamacare, Short Term Health Insurance offers an affordable and flexible option. Different levels of benefits among plans means you choose the right coverage for you. This flexibility makes Short Term Health Insurance very affordable, typically half the cost of Obamacare plans. These plans offer access to a broad range of healthcare providers.

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What is Health Benefit Indemnity Insurance?

Health Benefit Indemnity insurance (HBI) is a health insurance plan that offers financial protection for commonly needed medical services, including hospital and doctor benefits. When you experience a covered medical event, HBI pays a set fee, directly to you or a provider designated by you. HBI also can include supplemental medical insurance coverage for critical illnesses or accidents, as well as non insurance supplemental health benefits such as telemedicine, insurance advocacy, and pharmacy.

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