LeafFilter Protects your Entire Home

Leaffilter keeps your gutter leaf-free.

From roof to foundation, the damage to your home can be devastating from clogged gutters. By protecting your gutters with LeafFilter, you’ll protect your entire home from serious and costly damages.

Leaffilter professional instalation.

Roofing Damage
Water can back up onto your roof & cause excessive shingle grit.

Rotting Wood & Fascia
Overflowing gutters will cause your fascia board and soffit to deteriorate and rot.

Basement Flooding
Water can pool around the base of your home, seep into your basement, & cause mold growth.

Foundation Damage
When water is not diverted away from your home, it can cause cracks in your foundation.


The Permanent Solution to Clogged Gutters

LeafFilter’s award-winning and patented technology is scientifically designed to keep everything out of your gutters — except for water.

LeafFilter keeps everything out of your gutters except for water

Stainless Steel Micromesh
Will never rust or corode, and nothing will adhere to the system

Installs on Existing Gutters
Custom fit to new or existing gutters

Damage Control
Helps prevent expensive water related home damages

Proven Installation Process

Tried-N-True process

Our professional installers have a proven process to ensure LeafFilter is properly affixed to your existing gutters. Not only will your gutters be protected for life, it will extend the longevity of your gutter system, ensuring they are in peak performance for years to come.

We’ll clean, realign, and repair your existing gutters and downspouts.

We’ll seal all gutter seams and install hidden hangers to reinforce your system, ensuring your gutters are stronger than ever.

We’ll install LeafFilter Gutter Protection to your new or existing gutters, so you can eliminate gutter cleaning for life.

100% Effective
With no holes, gaps, or large openings, LeafFilter keeps out all types of debris including pine needles, shingle grit, seed pods, and more! Nothing but water will enter your gutters – guaranteed!


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