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Nomad Backpack: The Safest Anti-Theft Smart Bag in The World

What Makes It So Safe?

The most useful backpack you’ll ever have.

This particular, Nomad Backpack was specifically designed to keep your belongings as safe as possible. To protect your electronics and valuables from both – thieves and damage.

It’s water-resistant, shockproof, features hidden zippers & pockets and is made of several layers that pickpockets won’t be able to cut through with a knife.

So yes, it’s possibly “the safest bag in the world”!

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Charge Your Phone on The Go

You won’t have to sit in cafes while your phone is charging, or hunt for outlets at the airport. You’ll have yours attached to a backpack. And you’ll never lose it!

• 20+ Innovative Features

• Built-in Expansion

• Durable Weatherproof Materials

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PhotoYour bag holds all the power you need

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